Equality & Diversity

We aim to treat everyone equally and ensure that no individual is treated less favourably. As such, K&C Construction are committed to providing equal opportunities to all our employees, workers, customers, and to encourage diversity in the workplace.

Girls in construction


As a responsible company we have policies in place intended to ensure that employees understand their obligations,  assist the Company in putting its commitment to equal opportunities and diversity into practice, that also encourages social inclusion.

We actively monitor and value our social interaction with our supply chain, local schools, colleges, charities and local businesses, along with neighbouring occupants of our sites.

It is recognised that people’s views within society do differ, but everyone has a voice and a right to be heard for our communities to benefit.

Our belief in treating people with dignity and respect is an important part of realising equal opportunities and diversity.

At K&C, our dedication to equality and diversity will allow us to:

  • Provide added value to our Clients
  • Advance our quality of service to a higher level.
  • Promote Equality & Diversity to third parties.
  • Have an understandable workforce that can engage with local communities.