We are fully committed to local engagement and work pro-actively with existing residents and / or adjoining neighbours when working on a construction site.

K&C Construction adopts the ‘respect’ approach on all its development sites. This has allowed us to fully appreciate and understand the impact a development can have during construction on the surrounding properties and also allowing us to add value to the local community. This is why we recognize the importance of always being a ‘good neighbour’.

Raising local awareness is key to ensure local residences, businesses, schools etc. are fully aware of what’s going, allowing K&C Construction to have a positive influence on residents, staff and the local community.

Community 1


On each construction site, the community and its peoples expectations can differ. A bespoke approach by our workforce allows us to fully engage with the Community. This ensures that K&C Construction understands the neighbourhood profile and encourage local residents to be an inclusive part of the development process and its success.

At all times K&C Construction follow the Site Code of Considerate Practice to achieve exemplar performances on all its sites.

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